Crab Pot Anodes

Crab Pot Anodes are produced using a highly efficient aluminum alloy of zinc, indium and aluminum. These elements (metals) are very specific in their composition thus affording the very best in corrosion protection.

Used mainly in the commercial crabbing side of the fishing industry, these Crab Pot Anodes provide excellent protection properties against the process of electrolysis on large crab pots.

Crab Pot Anodes contain a built-in steel strap which protrudes from either end of the aluminum casting and is welded to the framework of the crab pot.

Crab Pot Anodes are cast in an open metal mold - similar to permanent mold - and are cast in large quantities ensuring they are usually in stock at all times.

We cast a single standard size that incorporates the built-in steel strap.

Technical Specifications:

Construction: Aluminum, Zinc & Indium Alloy with built-in Steel Strap

Crab Pot Anode Length - Including Steel Strap Protrusion = 15.75 inches

Crab Pot Anode Length - Without Steel Strap Protrusion = 11.5 inches

Crab Pot Anode Height = 1.5 inches

Crab Pot Anode Width  = 2.0 inches

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